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21-Jan-2018 18:48h
Destaques Nacionais
  • Projecto R.A.I.S.E. – Resposta Alternativa de Integração Social e Empreendedorismo

    O projecto R.A.I.S.E. recorre a novas metodologias que promovem a reconversão de desempregados e a ações facilitadoras do empreendedorismo social e da inovação.
  • Delegação de S.João da Madeira / Bazar Comunitário

    O Bazar Solidário tem tudo a preços solidários !

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  • AMU Delegation in Braga

    The AMU Braga Delegation was created towards the middle of 2011. It is already promoting initiatives aiming at raising funds to support families in need. See the attached file for more information on the activity of AMU Braga.

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  • AMU Braga Delegation / Social Store

    The Social Store of the AMU Braga Delegation is already running. In a totally private support, thanks to the solidarity of the owners, the lending contract for the transfer of lending Store has been signed. Some remodeling work, shelving and other equipment were performed with the help of private. 

    As part of the Social Support Service, this space aims to systematize and enhance the aid to needy families. Within an area of ​​80 m2, in a first stage, there will be available used articles in good state of repair such as: 

    • Clothing and footwear 
    • Books and supplies 
    • Toys 

    AMU Braga Delegation, gratefully acknowledge to all who have made ​​possible the availability of this Supportive Space.

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  • AMU Braga Delegation / Event - 5 para a Católica

    After the successful first edition of 5 for Catholic, the AEFFB (Association of Students of the Faculty of Philosophy of Braga) now puts forward with "5 for Catholic 2". It has this name because of its resemblance to the Portuguese television show - the "5 to midnight."  

    The event was held on 11th April at the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Philosophy of Braga, and featured guests in the areas of Philosophy (Artur Galvão), Communication Sciences (Pedro Cruz), the great comedian Carlos Vidal and the band of The Modisons! 
    The entrance to the show was done through donations of foodstuffs to help those most in need through the partnership with AMU Portugal. The box was complete and generously filled up!

    Again, we leave our appreciation to all the participants, organizers, employees and also to the organization staff.  

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Destaques Internacionais
  • Síria / Campanha em Curso

    Um clima de guerra difícil de imaginar. Queremos contribuir para a PAZ ! 

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