Organização Não Governamental para o Desenvolvimento (ONGD)
Instituição Particular de Solidariedade Social (IPSS)

21-Jan-2018 18:48h
Destaques Nacionais
  • Projecto R.A.I.S.E. – Resposta Alternativa de Integração Social e Empreendedorismo

    O projecto R.A.I.S.E. recorre a novas metodologias que promovem a reconversão de desempregados e a ações facilitadoras do empreendedorismo social e da inovação.
  • Delegação de S.João da Madeira / Bazar Comunitário

    O Bazar Solidário tem tudo a preços solidários !

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  • AMU Lisbon Delegation / Project "GerAções"

    Seeking to promote the value of fraternity, we´ve launched a project for volunteers - GerAções - which is divided into two different activities: the Project "Crianças" and the Project "Adultos/Idosos".

    The first one, located in the periphery of Lisbon - Camarate - aims not only at taking the children out of the streets but also at giving these children some notion of rules, moral education and a continuous school guidance and support. We want to bring them our joy and assist them.

    The second activity focuses on the one time or continuous accompaniment for people that live alone or in nursing homes.The goal is to spend some time with them, listen to them and organize some occupational activities - attend to the specific needs of each person. 

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    The aim of this area is to promote the reception and integration of immigrants, especially those from Portuguese-speaking countries, with respect for the richness of their cultures and for their fundamental rights.

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  • Accompanying Timorese students

    In December 2003, we met a group of Timorese students who were studying in the Law Faculty of Lisbon University.

    We observed that these students, who arrived in Lisbon shortly after the independence of Timor, have had many problems in understanding Portuguese – which they started learning only five months before they travelled to Portugal – as well as in studying Law subjects, due to the prevailing use of technical terms.

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  • Legal Support Service (SAJ- Serviço de Apoio Jurídico)

    AMU has provided legal support since 1996. This space is open to provide legal counselling to immigrants, mostly from Africa and more recently from Eastern Europe, namely from Ukraine. 

    Lawyers who collaborate with AMU provide this service free of charge, regarding issues of work, nationality, legalisation process, staying or living in Portugal. 

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  • Service of Social Action

    This service was created in 1997 and is mainly financed by the Secretariado Coordenador das Associações para a Legalização (SCAL). Support was given in several areas, from helping families in need to providing information and guidance to immigrants, promoting African culture, etc. 

    We gave priority to situations caused most of all by rather serious diseases or by incapacity to work, since most of those people live alone and are elderly. These families live in various neighbourhoods in the outskirts of Lisbon. 

    We have sought to help some families by providing food, acquiring home equipment and furniture, restoring houses, guiding in situations of illegal status or of illness, promoting social reintegration and providing legal support in the context of work for immigrants in a precarious situation.

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Destaques Internacionais
  • Síria / Campanha em Curso

    Um clima de guerra difícil de imaginar. Queremos contribuir para a PAZ ! 

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