Organização Não Governamental para o Desenvolvimento (ONGD)
Instituição Particular de Solidariedade Social (IPSS)

18-Dec-2017 22:33h
National Highlights
  • AMU Braga Delegation / Social Store

    The Social Store is open from Monday to Friday from 9h30 to 12h30. AMU will appreciate your visit!

  • AMU S. João da Madeira Delegation / Community Bazaar

    Our Bazaar is open once  again. At solidarity prices!

    Come and visit us!

  • AMU Lisbon Delegation / Project "GerAções"

    Volunteer project "GerAções" in partnership with a youth volunteer association.

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  • Alto Com Imigração e Diálogo Intercultural

    To promote reflection and dialogue, in order to encourage building a more united world. 

    - To contribute towards a new awareness of the interrelated issues of development and of local and global inequalities, and to the need for changes of attitude and decisions in terms of policies and of practical everyday life. 

    - To promote dialogue among peoples, in order to harmonize the differences, by raising awareness in public opinion and by promoting initiatives such as exchange, training and education on a global level. 

    - Promote Human Rights, Citizenship and Education for Peace.

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  • “Think Global, Act Local” / Finished Project

    Eight Millennium Development Goals, Eight Paths to change the World

    The Project Education for Development “Think Global, Act Local” was implemented by AMU in association with URB-África (ONGD UCCLA); it was supported by the City Council of Oeiras, Centro de Formação de Associação de Escolas Formar para Educar (Carnaxide/ Oeiras), Centro de Formação de Oeiras, and the city Council of São Vicente, Mindelo. The project was co-financed by Instituto Português de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento. 

    In order to spread to the community in general the need to reach the Eight Millennium Development Goals proposed by the UN, the project was directed to kindergartens and to primary education schools which joined the project, by involving teachers, students, assistants and parents’ associations. 

    Additional files: ED_escolas.ppt (1.1Mb)

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International Highlights
  • Project "Uma escola nos Andes" - Peru / Ongoing Project

    Project developed in a peripherical area in the heart of the Andes

  • Campaign Siria / Ongoing Campaign

    An unimaginable difficult war climate. We want to contribute to the PEACE!

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