Organização Não Governamental para o Desenvolvimento (ONGD)
Instituição Particular de Solidariedade Social (IPSS)

18-Dec-2017 22:27h
National Highlights
  • AMU Braga Delegation / Social Store

    The Social Store is open from Monday to Friday from 9h30 to 12h30. AMU will appreciate your visit!

  • AMU S. João da Madeira Delegation / Community Bazaar

    Our Bazaar is open once  again. At solidarity prices!

    Come and visit us!

  • AMU Lisbon Delegation / Project "GerAções"

    Volunteer project "GerAções" in partnership with a youth volunteer association.

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  • AMU Braga signs protocol with BACF (Food Bank)

    Following the tripartite protocol established with the Town Council of S. Vicente and with Associação Vicentina, AMU has signed this collaboration protocol with Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome (BACF) – Braga. 

    The conditions have been created to carry out the work for the support of 20 more families from the S. Vicente parish, in collaboration with those institutions. 

    Amu Braga thus reinforces the conditions of its Social Support Service (Serviço de Apoio Social - SAS) which already supports around 40 families from other towns, on a regular basis. 

    The full version of this protocol is available in attachment.

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  • Protocol aimed at providing a shop for Solidarity Space

    A protocol has been signed to lend the shop where the Solidarity Space of AMU Braga will operate. With the private support of two families who own this shop, this space will be made available as part of Social Support Service of AMU Braga. 

    AMU Braga is deeply grateful to these families for this priceless solidarity contribution.

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  • Protocol with Town Council S. Vicente and Associação Vicentina

    Last May, AMU Braga had a meeting with the Town Council of S. Vicente and Associação Vicentina, from the Parish of S. Vicente, in order to assess the joint support of the families in need from that council. The specific contribution of each institution was assessed in this meeting and a tripartite protocol was established. AMU Braga then applied to Banco Alimentar contra a Fome (Food Bank); this application is still under evaluation.  

    Apart from this protocol, it is equally important to check how each social institution can contribute in order to promote networking, provided they can combine their resources with those of other institutions. This will ultimately turn the dream of a more united world into a closer reality.

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International Highlights
  • Project "Uma escola nos Andes" - Peru / Ongoing Project

    Project developed in a peripherical area in the heart of the Andes

  • Campaign Siria / Ongoing Campaign

    An unimaginable difficult war climate. We want to contribute to the PEACE!

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