Organização Não Governamental para o Desenvolvimento (ONGD)
Instituição Particular de Solidariedade Social (IPSS)

18-Dec-2017 22:33h
National Highlights
  • AMU Braga Delegation / Social Store

    The Social Store is open from Monday to Friday from 9h30 to 12h30. AMU will appreciate your visit!

  • AMU S. João da Madeira Delegation / Community Bazaar

    Our Bazaar is open once  again. At solidarity prices!

    Come and visit us!

  • AMU Lisbon Delegation / Project "GerAções"

    Volunteer project "GerAções" in partnership with a youth volunteer association.

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  • Conselho Nac Promoção Voluntariado
  • Conselho Nacional para a Economia Social
  • Alto Com Imigração e Diálogo Intercultural

    AMU seeks to contribute to the establishment of new economic relations among peoples, based on a “Culture of Giving” which presents the concept of the universal destiny of goods, as a true basis for effective social justice. It attempts to favour innovative forms of integration and collaboration with projects of what is usually called social economy, with a particular attention to the project “Economy of Communion”.

    AMU also presents many other very significant projects in this area of social economy.

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  • Related entities

    In this field of social economy, there are many institutions which we cannot situate in one particular project, due to the wider work they carry out. Here are some examples of those entities:  

    See related links: Comissão Nacional Justiça e Paz
    Associação Cristã de Empresários e Gestores (ACEGE)
    Cooperativa António Sérgio para a Economia Social (CASES)
    Conselho Nacional para a Economia Social
    Social Economy Europe

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  • "Economy of Communion"

    Economy has gradually become a core issue in the growth of societies and peoples. It has also become a problem. The current economic system seems indeed unable to level out the growing inequalities in the distribution of wealth and the efforts towards the peoples’ development are actually faced with tremendous obstacles. Profit is seen as the highest goal of economic decisions in an exclusively financial perspective, which contributes towards the dehumanisation of the economic activity in contemporary societies. 

    • “Unlike the consumerist economy based on a culture of having, the Economy of Communion is the economy of giving. This could seem difficult, arduous, heroic. But it is not, because the human person, made in the image of God who is love, is able to find fulfillment precisely in loving, in the act of giving. This need to love lies in the deepest core of our being, whether we are believers or not. And in this affirmation, supported by our experience, is where the hope for the universal spread of the economy of communion really lies." (Chiara Lubich, December 1991) 

    • "Economy of communion is not so much a new form of company, as an alternative to the companies already existing; it rather seeks to transform from the inside their usual structures (public limited company, cooperative or other), suffusing every relation, within oneself and with others with the light of a lifestyle of communion, with utter respect for the authentic values of the company and of the market.” Chiara Lubich, January 1999. Speech at her honoris causa doctorate by the Faculty of Economics of Milan (Piacenza Campus).

    See related links: "Economia de Comunhão" (EdC) 

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility

     What is the Corporate Social Responsibility ?

    Corporate social responsibility consists in the voluntary integration of social and environmental concerns in their operations and in their interaction with all those involved. Therefore, companies satisfy their clients’ needs and simultaneously manage the expectations of the workers, the suppliers and the local community. It is about contributing, in a positive way, to society and to manage the environmental impacts of the company, which may bring direct benefits to the business and maintain competition in the long run.

    See related links:

    Rede Nacional de Responsabilidade Social
    Associação Portuguesa de Ética Empresarial

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  • Microcredit

    Microcredit consists in a small bank loan destined to support people who have no access to bank credit, but who want to start an economic activity on their own and therefore gather personal skills and conditions which may anticipate the success of their initiative. 

    The process of microcredit does not only consist in giving credit; the applicants also have guaranteed support in the preparation of the investment file and after the financing process, in the resolution of the problems they may face as the business carries on. 

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  • Fair Trade

    Fair trade is defined by News! (the European network of fair trade shops) as “a partnership among producers and consumers who strive to overcome the difficulties of the former ones, in order to encourage their access to the market and to promote the process of sustainable development. Fair trade aims to create the means and opportunities to improve the producers’ living and working conditions, especially the small disadvantaged producers. Its mission is to promote social equity, environmental protection and economic security through commerce and the promotion of awareness-raising campaigns.

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  • Responsible Consumption

    Current consumer society triggers great inequalities in social and environmental terms, which are expressed in the pictures we see everyday in the media. All our gestures and daily options affect our own life as well as other people’s lives and challenge the existence of a sustainable planet.

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  • Sustainable Development

    The notion of development which seeks to satisfy the needs of the current generation, without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs, means allowing people, now and in the future, to reach a satisfactory level of social and economic development as well as of human and cultural fulfilment, while using sensibly the earth resources and preserving natural species and habitats.

    See related links:
    Conselho Empresarial para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável
    WBCSD – World Business Council for Sustainable Development
    ONU - Divisão Desenvolvimento Sustentável

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  • Ethical Finance

    Ethics may refer to a value system and a series of guidelines. When it is applied to the economic and financial sector it is defined as a set of criteria qualifying types of work but it cannot be applied to individual tools and activities. The reference value system of “Ethical Finance” refers to credit and is specifically based on the following aspects; Social Achievements, Transparency and Trust.

    As in most tests done on economic issues in the European context, socially responsible financing provides a multitude of perceptions, attitudes and ways to perform. The first thing to be noticed is the difference of perception and conception of what is “socially responsible”. There are also significant differences regarding the level of development of ethical finances in Europe. However, in Europe, the various regional views and values are promoting different perspectives and alternatives of ethical finance. 

    See related links:   Associazione Finanza Ética de Itália
    Oikos - Cooperação e Desenvolvimento

    Prémio Robin Crosgrove

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International Highlights
  • Project "Uma escola nos Andes" - Peru / Ongoing Project

    Project developed in a peripherical area in the heart of the Andes

  • Campaign Siria / Ongoing Campaign

    An unimaginable difficult war climate. We want to contribute to the PEACE!

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