Organização Não Governamental para o Desenvolvimento (ONGD)
Instituição Particular de Solidariedade Social (IPSS)

17-Dec-2017 02:29h
National Highlights
  • AMU Braga Delegation / Social Store

    The Social Store is open from Monday to Friday from 9h30 to 12h30. AMU will appreciate your visit!

  • AMU S. João da Madeira Delegation / Community Bazaar

    Our Bazaar is open once  again. At solidarity prices!

    Come and visit us!

  • AMU Lisbon Delegation / Project "GerAções"

    Volunteer project "GerAções" in partnership with a youth volunteer association.

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  • Mission and Vision

    AMU – Cooperação e Solidariedade por um Mundo Unido (Lusophone Cooperation and Solidarity for a United World) is a private, non-profit association created in 1994 in Lisbon. Its aim is to promote the right for every people to fully express their individuality within the diversity of peoples and to participate with their unique contribution through the mutual knowledge and sharing of their spiritual, cultural and material resources. 

    AMU is based on the following principle: «To love the other person’s homeland as our own». We thus strive to address issues on the relations among peoples and ethnic groups, which will contribute to create a more united world.

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  • Origin in relations

    The issues of immigration and development in the immigrants’ home countries are two sides of the same coin. From that perspective, AMU started to work in the areas of Reception and Integration, mostly of immigrants from Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as of Development Cooperation, through humanitarian aid operations and the implementation of projects in those countries. 

    The core idea of AMU consisted in relying on the relation created in the area of the reception of immigrants, in order to identify the most viable ideas of cooperation projects to be implemented for the development of their countries as well as to provide the appropriate people with the means and necessary training to carry out those projects.

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  • Networks and Platforms

    Full member of the Portuguese Platform of NGDOs which represents the Portuguese NGDOs in CONCORD – European Confederation for Relief and Development, an organization which works with European institutions. 

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International Highlights
  • Project "Uma escola nos Andes" - Peru / Ongoing Project

    Project developed in a peripherical area in the heart of the Andes

  • Campaign Siria / Ongoing Campaign

    An unimaginable difficult war climate. We want to contribute to the PEACE!

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