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17-Dec-2017 19:30h
Destaques Nacionais
  • Projecto R.A.I.S.E. – Resposta Alternativa de Integração Social e Empreendedorismo

    O projecto R.A.I.S.E. recorre a novas metodologias que promovem a reconversão de desempregados e a ações facilitadoras do empreendedorismo social e da inovação.
  • Delegação de S.João da Madeira / Bazar Comunitário

    O Bazar Solidário tem tudo a preços solidários !

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  • Party of ethnic traditional songs

    In April 1997, a party was held in Bairro da Pedreira dos Húngaros. The neighbourhood had this name due to a Hungarian family who had lived there for 60 years. It was a multi-ethnic neighbourhood, mainly with people from Cape-Verde and at that time mostly with young people and children. It used to be a ghetto which was marginalised by the surrounding population and which marginalised itself as well. Intercultural contact was not very encouraged either. 

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  • Process of special legalisation of immigrants

    From July to December 1996 we conducted awareness campaigns in the run-down neighbourhoods of the outskirts of Algés. We organised 6 or 7 groups of 3,4 people each, half from our team of collaborators and the other half from people living in those neighbourhoods. Many brochures and posters on this theme were provided by the government and distributed among immigrants. The reception of families was very positive, bringing great courage and a strong motivation for many people to solve their irregular situation and to make others aware of the importance and the opportunity of this process of special legalisation.

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  • Reception Area in Algés

    An important event, towards the middle of 1996, was the establishment of a Collaboration Protocol between AMU and the Town Council of Algés, which allowed AMU to implement some services to support the population with most needs from that council, mostly immigrants from Portuguese-speaking countries. This protocol was signed in a formal sitting, in Palácio Anjos, and several personalities were present, such as an MP from Assembleia da República, embassy representatives, City Council officials, people responsible for other NGO’s, for immigrants’ associations and people from various local public and private institutions. The President of the City Council of Algés and the president of AMU gave speeches and took about 20 minutes to explain the aims of this Reception Area of AMU. In the conclusion of this ceremony, a Port of honour was served. This event was briefly covered in the media.

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Destaques Internacionais
  • Síria / Campanha em Curso

    Um clima de guerra difícil de imaginar. Queremos contribuir para a PAZ ! 

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