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17-Dec-2017 21:13h
Destaques Nacionais
  • Projecto R.A.I.S.E. – Resposta Alternativa de Integração Social e Empreendedorismo

    O projecto R.A.I.S.E. recorre a novas metodologias que promovem a reconversão de desempregados e a ações facilitadoras do empreendedorismo social e da inovação.
  • Delegação de S.João da Madeira / Bazar Comunitário

    O Bazar Solidário tem tudo a preços solidários !

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  • Campaign Philippines / Completed Campaign

    One of the most violent typhoons in history has hit the central area of the Philippines in 8 of November 2013.

    At least 4 million people were affected and thousands of deaths were registered. At the moment there is an ongoing plan for rebuilding the houses destroyed by the typhoon. 

    We are in contact with our local representatives to send as much help as possible. 

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  • Construction of a water well - Kenya / Completed Campaign

    Like other initiatives in previous years, AMU organized a dinner to collect funds to send to Kenya. In 2009, the theme was water and the funds were needed to build a well, as was explained: “Water is a precious good. We feel it mostly when there is not enough water! But we can mend this situation: dig a borehole and bring that precious liquid to the surface! This is what we are going to do in Uthiru, on the outskirts of Nairobi – Kenya. It will bring the population some relief towards the daily lack of water in the taps. But it will also be used by a school and for agriculture”. The fundraising process lasted until the end of 2009, due to the importance of this initiative.

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  • “AMU Cazombo" (2007) / Completed Campaign

    After the strong rains, followed by floods which hit Angola in January and February 2007, more than 17.000 people were affected by these events on Zambeze river. AMU then received help from the parish of Luena/Province of Moxico, with the distribution of clothes to the people affected in the council of Cazombo, situated around 200 kms from the frontier with Zâmbia. AMU promoted a campaign to collect clothes and 25 volumes of varied clothing for man, woman and child were sent to Angola.

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  • Campaign “AMU Emergency Lebanon” (2006-2007) / Completed Campaign

    After the war in Lebanon, in the summer of 2006, AMU carried out a fundraising campaign for humanitarian aid, which then became an initiative to support reconstruction projects within education and agriculture in the villages of Delb and Kaouzah (in collaboration with the Italian NGO Azione per un Mondo Unito– ONLUS, in collaboration with the local partners in Lebanon which put into practice the reconstruction projects).

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  • Campaign “AMU Emergency Pakistan” (2005-2006) / Completed Campaign

    Fundraising directed at humanitarian and emergency needs of people in refugee camps after the earthquake in Pakistan. In a later phase, the funds were applied on some projects to rebuild houses and build anti-seism schools. This campaign and the fundraising process were carried out in conjunction with the Italian NGO Azione per un Mondo Unito, which is associated to International Caritas in Pakistan.

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  • Campaign “AMU Emergency Southeast Asia” (2005) / Completed Campaign

    After the tsunami in Southeast Asia, AMU promoted a fundraising campaign in Portugal, in the beginning of 2005. Those funds were destined to support concrete projects based on the local population’s needs, in coordination with our fellow organization and partner, the Italian NGO Azione per un Mondo Unito.

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  • Campaign for children from Peru (2002) / Completed Campaign

    AMU gave financial support to the family of a child from Peru, whose health was at risk and who needed a surgical operation.

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  • Help for the reconstruction of windmills/ Kenya / Completed Campaign

    One of the greatest difficulties of the rural communities around Nairobi is to be able to find the necessary means to operate the old windmills or to build new ones in order to grind the corn they produce so that they have flour to make bread.

    AMU has already contributed towards the construction of one of these mills and is planning to help in building other windmills during this year. Another initiative consists in buying and carrying the corn from those communities with a bigger crop to those with less cereal.

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  • School food in Bujumbura , Burundi / Completed

    A school for 80 children started in Bujumbura (with the last year of kindergarten and the first two classes of primary school). Next year, the third grade is expected to begin, with around 30 students more. Almost none of these children has a true family. They suffer from a great lack of affection, many of them are orphans and also have AIDS; they have been taken care of by relatives (uncles, aunts or grandparents) who have often given up struggling in this hard life and remain without doing anything to improve their situation.

    It would be possible to help these children with two meals a day (one of millet, a local grain high in proteins and one of corn), feeding them in all school phases. 

    Together with a private company, AMU has contributed to providing daily meals to the 80 children from this primary school, throughout the year. Besides the subsistence factor, the aim is also to introduce food habits for a more balanced diet.

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  • Solidarity network with the people from Guinea-Bissau / Completed

    After the conflict which began on 7th June 1998 in Guinea-Bissau, a group of Portuguese and Guinean NGO’s formed this solidarity network to promote actions of humanitarian aid and political pressure to re-establish peace, through the creation of a webpage to provide information to around 150 people/entities directly involved with the issues of Guinea-Bissau. AMU participated in all the work meetings and also endorsed a message from Portuguese NGO’s calling for peace, which was then delivered in the CPLP summit, held in the city of Praia and responsible for joining efforts to achieve peace.

    AMU has worked in the field to accompany the situation of the refugees in Portugal during that time, since not all of them could have access to that status and were thus having further problems. 

    Besides the work developed by this network, which the local population greatly appreciated, it was also possible to establish closer bonds with several Portuguese NGO’s, such as CIDAC, ACEP and VIDA as well as with Guinean NGO’s, particularly ALTERNAG and AD and also with Conselho Português para os Refugiados (the National Council for Refugees).

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Destaques Internacionais
  • Síria / Campanha em Curso

    Um clima de guerra difícil de imaginar. Queremos contribuir para a PAZ ! 

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